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Mia Wahlström


BT Studio, Stefan Karlström


Brandfactory, Stockholm 2018

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Pär Engsheden

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Göran Sundberg


Maria Ben Saad

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Sofia Hulting

Fashion Students
Sissel Kärneskog

The definition of timelessness can be described as immortal. This concept has enchanted the humanity and has motivated a pursuit for perfection. Mesmerized by this idea, humanity lost its focus and has to realize that this comes with consequences. One part of society has taken one step backwards in history. But a more significant part has moved one step forward…

…The one who is aware that the idea of perfection is false, that value what often is described as the opposite. The one that understand that we cannot change our history, that it goes through a constant movement forward; every day turns into night, leaving a mark of time behind us… The one that is aware of this knows that only together we can influence its direction.

Special thanks to

Makoto Horisaki

Karin Horisaki

Sigrid Sirén

Folks Interiör

Julia Correia De Verdier
I Left

Three real people and their life histories form the starting point for the collection I Left. From them I continue a feeling of not actually following a beaten track. Navigating one’s ship on the open sea. Riding off on horseback. The strength of being an individual who makes her own decisions, opposing what one thought was one’s fate.

In I Left the garments have dragged along the ground on their way to something new, something different. I have materials have been transformed using dyeing and abrasion. The collection develops into a symbol of liberation, of breaking with what once was.

Special thanks to

Karin Horisaki

Makoto Horisaki

MG Leather




Stockholm Design Group

Communication Students

We have produced a series of portraits in which we pay tribute to all those people who have always gone their own way and who have chosen to stand out from the crowd. Whether this entails, as with Horisaki, moving to idyllic Småland, or really being oneself in a school photo.

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Go Your Own Way

Art direction

Jacob Landahl, Emelinn Heikkinen, Ella Masus

Art Direction

Emelinn Heikkinen, Jacob Landahl, Ella Masus


Ollie Nordh

Make Up

Josephine Golan

Make Up Assistant

Emilia Alm


Lisa Sandström


Nikola Ameli

Matilda Dahlgren

Hank Grüner

Ella Masus

Anastasia M

Kevin Nyeko Moini